About the Society

The Society  for the Promotion of Rational Esotericism (SPRE) is membership based organization established to bring together like-minded individuals for the purpose of promoting and exploring esoteric, occult, metaphysical and like topics in an intellectual format.  Members are encouraged to challenge our contributors and each other with serious and hard inquiries, but also to maintain an appropriate level of decorum and civility, and to never engage in ad hominem argumentation.

Basic membership is free and enables access to all the contents of this website, the ability to comment on the posted essays and articles, and the privilege of submitting one’s original writing for publication review by our Editorial Board.  Other membership options are available as well.

In the context of Journal submissions (as well as comments thereto) we encourage careful and methodological thinking, and well reasoned arguments. However, full “scholarly” treatment of the materials here would imply a level of footnoting and justification which both exceeds the scope out our current mission, and also severely damages readability. Thus, we are seeking a balance of quality and accessibility in our content.