Membership in the Society

Membership in the Society for the Promotion of Rational Esotericism is free to all persons of appropriate character and integrity.  Full access to this website requires membership, and most of the content is not visible to non-members. Trolls and their like will not be tolerated, and anyone who disrupts the earnest and sincere debate we expect from this community will be banned.

Becoming a Novitiate of the Society is as simple as filling out a webform and supplying a working email address. At this time, it is 100% free of charge. This level of membership allows full access to the contents of this website, the ability to comment on the various essays and articles, and the privilege of submitting your own writing to the editors of the SPRE Journal for consideration.

Becoming an Adeptus of the Society requires, in addition to the registration as an Novitiate, a modest yearly monetary pledge to enable upkeep of the Society.  Adeptus members will receive annual ebook publications of the SPRE Journal, and SPRE Lapel Pin  (featuring the Arms of the Society), and a 10% discount on all Merchandise and Accouterments from our store.  Coming soon.

Becoming a Magus of the Society requires a larger yearly monetary pledge than the Adeptus members. Magus level members will receive annually a physical printed copy of the SPRE Journal, an SPRE Lapel Pin and SPRE Club Tie, (each featuring the Arms of the Society), and a 15% discount on additional Merchandise and Accouterments from our store.  Coming soon.