The Journal of the Society for the Promotion of Rational Esoericism is made up of the various essays and articles which are submitted by our members and vetted by our Editorial Board.

Submissions must be original pieces submitted by their actual author, although book excerpts which are complete enough to “stand alone” as an essay or article (and are not copyright-encumbered) are welcome. Submissions can be of any length and should be congruent with the mission and principles of the Society, and should be of general interest to the members of the Society.  Thus, a general article on the esoteric teachings of initiatory and fraternal organizations with sections on specific groups would be appropriate, but an article solely on Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism or the Ordo Templi Orientis would not be appropriate and are better submitted to the special-interest journals connected to the specific group in question.

Book reviews of relevant recent publications are also viable candidates for publication in the SPRE Journal, although such pieces should be written in such a way to make for good independent reading, regardless of whether the reader has read the book in question.

Those submissions which are selected for publication in the SPRE Journal become the property of the Society, which will grant liberal rights of reproduction to the author.  Rejected submissions will not be retained. We endeavor to get back to our prospective authors in a timely manner.

Email your submissions to submissions @ for review by our editorial board.